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Tank & Vessel Heads for Nuclear Power Industry

Customized Pressure Vessel, Reactor Vessel Head, Head for Reactor Pressure Vessel, Vessel Head Customization Service

Weide takes a total area of 30 thousand m2. Our head forming is the most advanced one in the world. We have now independently developed 6600t, 3000t, and 680t fully automatic double-acting hydraulic presses, 10m, 4m, and 3m cold metal spinning machines, 4.5m hot metal spinning machines, and other supporting equipment and molds. We have comprehensive , allowing Weide to produce pressure vessel heads of all shapes, specifications, and materials.

In recent years, nuclear power industry has witnessed a rapid development. The technical requirements for manufacturing heads for reactor pressure vessel is rather high and few companies in China are competent in this, so Weide has undertook a considerable part. Till now we have accomplished the HH50*16 ultra-small head program, the project of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Plant, and the nuclear project in Qinhuangdao, etc.

If you are seeking reliable vessel head products, please come to Weide, a company possessing 8 years' vessel head customizing experience.