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Tank & Vessel Heads for Pharmaceutical Machinery

Vessel Head for Food Machinery, Vessel Head for Pharmaceutical Machinery, Customized Vessel Head, Custom Tank Head, Head Customization Service

Weide takes a total area of 30 thousand m2. Our head forming is the most advanced one in the world. We have now independently developed 6600t, 3000t, and 680t fully automatic double-acting hydraulic presses, 10m, 4m, and 3m cold metal spinning machines, 4.5m hot metal spinning machines, and other supporting equipment and molds. We have comprehensive , allowing Weide to produce pressure vessel heads of all shapes, specifications, and materials.

Heads for food or pharmaceutical machinery generally feature small head thickness and high surface accuracy requirements. In our production lines of this kind of head, we adopt vacuum suction design to protect the head surface, and cover the heads with film to avoid scratches during delivery.