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About Weide

Changzhou Kuangda Weide Machinery is a pressure vessel head customization service supplier situated in Jiangsu Changzhou, which is only about 1 hour away from Shanghai and Nanjing. It was in May 2008 that Weide was officially established with a registered capital of 5 billion yuan. We are now staffed by 350 people, and have founded branch companies or offices in Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Jinan, etc.

Through the past 8 years, Weide has witnessed great progress in customizing different vessels heads, the brand of which is called Weide Head. In the production area totally covering 30 thousand m2, about 24 thousand tons of head products are manufactured every year, the powerful production capacity of which has contributed to made Weide a leader in Chinese pressure vessel head industry.

Manufacturing Capacity

Referring to the advanced technique overseas, we have specially developed a set of hand forming equipment, which is the most advanced one in the world. Apart from that, Weide possesses self-designed 6600t, 3000t, and 680t fully automatic double-acting hydraulic presses, 10m, 4m, and 3m cold metal spinning machines, 4.5m hot metal spinning machines, and other supporting equipment and molds. Here, you are expected to find any equipment you have ever seen in the head industry. Weide is competent in customizing various vessel end caps with different materials, shapes, and specifications.

In Weide, we have established a complete head production line. To guarantee the quality of our vessel heads, we purchase stainless steel plates from TISCO, and carbon steel plates from Baosteel. Different techniques such as argon arc welding, submerged arc welding, and plasma welding are introduced to process these raw plates. The 6600t double-acting hydraulic press, whose production capacity is the largest in the world, is able to deal with workpieces with diameter of 3.2m. Our 3000t double-acting hydraulic press is used to process diameter range of 650mm-1800mm. The 500t, 800t and 2000t dishing machines are used in forming large-sized heads and dished heads. The heat treatment furnace powered by natural gas, with an accurately-controlled temperature, is set to remove the stress of heads and enhance their durability. Besides, we have developed independently 3m, 4m, and 10m metal spinning machines, among which the 10m spinning machine is one of the largest ones in the world. Flaw detection rooms are specially set to inspect the finished heads. Finally, we will polish and seal the end caps for pressure vessels according to clients' request.


Till now, Weide has got the national Level A3 manufacturing license for vessel head, the ASME U-stamp certificate, the NB registration eligibility for US pressure vessel, the PED certifications from EU, the CCS, ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 certificates.

Weide is the executive director of the China Promotion Association for Special Equipment Safety and Energy-saving, the vice president of Confederation of Chinese Metal Forming Industry (the commissioner of the Head Forming Committee), and the executive director of China Chemical Industrial Equipment Association. Now we have joined and played a vital role in the Chinese Society of Pressure Vessel, and the China Standardization Committee on Boiler and Pressure Vessel.

  • Physical and chemical laboratory
  • Quality inspection

Reliable quality coupled with strict inspection is what has made Weide Head. All of the technical talents and managers of Weide have accumulated at least 10 years' experience in head industry. Now, our exports has accounted for 30% of the total value, among which the annual sales value exceeds 300 billion yuan. Every month we produce about 1500t of heads, with the stainless steel tank head accounts for 60%. Our head products are mainly applied in chemical, cryogenic, pharmaceutical, food, nuclear power, and aerospace industries. Our market share takes about 60% of the domestic head market, which has made Weide an absolute leader in vessel head industry.

  • Various vessel heads we have made
  • Warehouse for finished heads

The reliable quality of our tank heads has made Weide a trustworthy supplier among clients. In BASF program, we are the only Chinese supplier whose heads have totally complied with their standards, and since then, BASF appoints us to be their only head supplier. Apart from that, we are the only supplier of Shanghai Baoshan Pacific Container.

Other partners we have cooperated with: Shanghai Baoshan Pacific Container (Singamas) Company, Zhangjiagang CIMC Sanctum Cryogenic Equipment Company, Chart Cryogenic Engineering Systems (Changzhou) Company, CIMC ENRIC, Shanghai Morimatsu, Jiangxi Oxygen Plant Company, Beijing Taylor-wharton Cryogenics Equipment Co., Ltd, Hangzhou Hangyang Cryogenic Vessel Co., Ltd., Jingmen Hongtu Special Type Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Furui Special Equipment Co., Ltd., etc.