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Production Process

Weide, a reliable vessel head manufacturer with 8 years' experience, is committed to customizing professional pressure tank heads for clients. We appreciate clients’ suggestions, and develop new products upon their demands. Weide is always trying our best to offer customers first-class service at the same time cutting on their costs. We have obtained ASME and PED certificates.

1. Modes for vessel heads

2. Raw materials
All of our raw materials for producing vessel heads are from trustworthy suppliers to guarantee the quality. For example, the stainless steel plates are from Taiyuan Iron & Steel Group, and the carbon steel plates are from Baosteel.

3. Welding

4. Stamping and forming
For head stamping and forming, we have the worlds’ largest and most advanced pressing machine – the developed in-house 6600t double-acting hydraulic press. The max head diameter it is able to process is up to 3.2m. Besides, our 3000t double-acting hydraulic press is able to deal with heads with a diameter range of 650mm-1800mm. Equipped with automatic computer control system, what operators need to do is only to input the head parameters and change the molds. In this way, specification of our heads for pressure containers is precisely controlled.

We use 500t, 800t, and 2000t dishing presses to guarantee the beauty and precision of the heads. The amending process differs according the head parts we want to modify. If it needs to enhance the precision, we will process the head edges; and accordingly remove the convex blocks or process the arc parts if it is needed.

The heat treatment furnace is powered by natural gas, with the furnace temperature and insulation temperature controlled automatically by computer. Upon request, we can provide complete heat treatment curve and report for clients, ensuring their requirements for heat treatment have been fully satisfied.

5. Head amending
All of the hydraulic presses we are using including 3m, 4m, and 10m types are developed by ourselves, among which the 10m type is one of the hydraulic presses with the largest processing capacity in the world. The 1000t, and 2000t hydraulic presses are designed to deal with heads of large diameters.

6. Groove grinding

7. Flaw detection room
We have standard and professional flaw detection rooms to inspect the welding quality of the heads and check whether there are cracks on the heads.

8. Acid pickling

9. Tank head polishing

10. Sealing machine

  • Modes for vessel heads
  • Raw materials
  • Plasma welding
  • Submerged arc welding
  • TIG welding
  • Welding and polishing process
  • Head pressing
  • Head dishing
  • Heat treatment
  • Spinning
  • Gate type hydraulic press
  • Groove grinding
  • Flaw detection room
  • Acid pickling
  • Tank head polishing
  • Sealing machine